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Plasma treatment application fields

The plasma surface treatment technology can coordinate with a variety of subsequent processing technologies, among with the most typical subsequent processing ones are including printing,bonding and painting. Plasma technology is suitable for the industrial application in almost every fields. They can provide the pre-treatment before various materials or composite materials are bonded, painted and printed, which can make two kinds of different materials combined effectively and solidly


Plasma treatment application fields(图1)

Applications area:
  • Plastics industry

  • Print industry

  • Automotive industry

  • Electronic industry

  • Elastomer industry

  • Precision mechanics technology

  • Micro electromechanical Systems

  • Medical devices manufacturing

  • Solar cell technology

  • Research and development

  • Semiconductor technology

  • Optical industry

  • ...

 Plasma treatment application fields(图2)
  • Print pre-treatment

  • bonding pre-treatment

  • painting pre-treatment

  • soldering pre-treatment

  • coating pre-treatment

  • molding pre-treatment

  • gluing pre-treatmen

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