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The function of plasma processor

Plasma can be used in many different cases whenever you would like to better adhere materials together or to change a surface property to suit your needs.  With this trend-setting technology it is possible to modify virtually any surface.  

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Plasma technology offers several versatile applications, for example:

  • Cleaning surfaces of any residues, oils, or contamination 

  • Activation of various materials before gluing, painting, etc. 

  • Etching and partial removal of surfaces  

  • Coating of parts with several possible types of layers (PTFE-like, protective barriers, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, friction-reducing, etc.)

Plasma technology is establishing itself in all areas of industry, and new applications are constantly evolving. 

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Plasma Technology - Convincing Advantages
Compared to other methods, like flame treating or using chemicals to treat a surface, plasma technology exhibits many important advantages:

  • Many surface properties can be obtained exclusively with this procedure

  • Can be used in online production or operated independently

  • nvironmentally friendly process

  • Regardless of geometry you are able to treat powder, small parts, discs, fleece, textiles, tubing, bottles, circuit boards, etc.

  • Fabricated parts will not be mechanically changed

  • Heating of the parts is minimal

  • Operating costs are very low

  • Extremely safe to operate

  • Process is extremely energy efficient

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