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The principle of plasma surface treatment system

Atmospheric plasma surface treatment system is composed of plasma generator, gas transmission pipeline, and please head. High pressure and high frequency energy produced by plasma generator generates low temperature plasma throughactivated and controlled glow discharge in plasma head.

The principle of plasma surface treatment system(图1)

With compressed air spraying the plasma to the surface of the product, the plasma will form chemical and physical change when touching the objects under treatment. With the product surface cleaned, hydrocarbon contaminants paste are removed, such as grease and auxiliary additives, the surface molecular chain structure has been changed according to the composition of the product material. 

The principle of plasma surface treatment system(图2)

It has established free groups of hydroxyl and carboxyl etc. Which have the function of facilitating the adhesion of various coatings, and have been optimized in the application of adhesion and paints. Under the same effect, using plasma surface treatment will result in a super thin high tensile coating, without any other mechanical or chemical treatment with strong irritant components to increase adhesion

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