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What is plasma surface treatment ?

The physical principle

Plasma is based on a simple physical principle. By supplying energy the states of matter change: from solid to liquid and from liquid to gas. If further energy is added to a gas it becomes ionized and passes over into the plasma state – a fourth  state of matter. Through  contact with the surfaces of materials utilizing Plasmatreat’s technology the added energy of the plasma state can be  transferred to the material surface and  made available for subsequent reactions on those surfaces. This  process creates surfaces having ideal properties for accepting print, adhesive bonding or even foaming. 

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What is plasma surface treatment ?

Plasma surface treatment is a process that raises the surface energy of many materials so as to improve the bonding characteristics. Plasma technology is inclusive of many different purposes for surface treatment such as: cleaning, coating, printing, painting, and adhesive bonding.  Plasma technology has come to encompass so many different applications that it is now one of the top methods in surface treatment, especially in industries which rely heavily on packaging.  There are numerous industrial and packaging solutions created all the time due to the wide versatility in which plasma treatments can be applied.  This technology is even heavily used in the automobile and aircraft industries.  Plasma treatment also yields very high quality products in basically every applicable field while still being an environmentally friendly process.  There is no doubt that plasma treatment is one of the top contenders in surface treatment methods, but which form of plasma treatment is the best

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