Photoresist Stripping Plasma Machine

  • Photoresist Stripping Plasma Machine
  • Photoresist Stripping Plasma Machine
Photoresist Stripping Plasma Machine Photoresist Stripping Plasma Machine

Photoresist Stripping Plasma Machine

This plasma machine is especially used for removing the photoresist.


It is the desktop design machine. It could provide effective surface cleaning and modified result.


Reliability and Repeatability are the highlight of this plasma, even under continuous working.


Photoresist removing is a vital process of the microelectronics industry. The photoresist has to be removed or making bottom film treatment after the electron beam exposure, ultraviolet exposure micro/nano processing. Because this process could make sure the sample’s quality isn’t affect by this photoresist factor.


Now we have this Q series photoresist removing device which is with below features:

1.      It could completely remove the photoresist quickly.

2.      It has no damage to the samples.

3.      It is easy operate and with cost-effective feature.



1.        Advantages of the Microwave frequency of 2.45 GHz.

2.        Removal of photo resist after high dose implantation.

3.        After or before wet or dry etching

4.        SU 8 and other resists based on epoxy process.

5.        Sacrificial layers in MEMS fabrication.


SU-8 Photoresist Removing

The SU8 photoresist is always applied on the MEMS process, and also the SU8 is very stable. The problem is very difficult to remove the photoresist. Now we have this microwave photoresist removing plasma machine, it applied fluorine gas to remove the photoresist. Which could mix the fluorine gas with SU8 photoresist and after the chemical reaction, it could remove the SU8 photoresist very quickly. This machine is integrated with temperature controlling system, which could control the substrate temperature to ensure the wholeness of the metal structure during the removing photoresist process. It could realize the high quality of MEMS components manufacturing. SU8 photoresist removing standard capacity is 1μm/min, it could reach a few μm during the experiment. This plasma machine is the ideal choice for SU8 photoresist removing.


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